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Our Story

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Executive Chefs, ramen savants, grade school buddies and the ying to each other’s yang, Steven Cho and Steve Ha, have been quietly cooking up a concept for the finest and most authentic ramen that will leave New Yorkers slurping for more. Yume, meaning dream in Japanese, is hidden deep inside of Hudson Market on the corner of 57th St & 11th Ave offering the best kept secret in the city just like the neighboring fast casual spot, Burger Joint in Le Meridian Hotel. Made in Korea Steve has melded the flavors of his childhood into each bowl while Steven brings his New York aesthetic to the plate for a funky and hip alternative to the traditional noods experience. The pair have worked tirelessly to perfect their recipes while even becoming roommates in the process, making it their soul mission to create masterful tonkotsu ramen bowls. 

Our menu features four different ramens with unique broths that are simmered for 18 hours using the finest noodles found in the U.S. The shiny star is the Gyokai Tonkotsu, full of flavor, the pork bone makes the broth thick and deep with a hint of dried anchovy and bonito flakes to add complexity, while keeping it balanced. The dish features Rosu, sliced paper-thin less fatty pork shoulder braised in special soy sauce and the Ni-tamago, the soft-boiled egg aged in a house sauce completes the dreamy heavenly ramengasm. You’ve never heard about this ramen because we are the only place that sells it outside of Japan. We have other tonkotsu options such as Classic Tonkotsu, Spicy Tonkotsu and a vegetarian option with Veggie Curry featuring Japanese curry broth, corn, ume onions and scallions.


Our Chefs

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Chef Steven Cho

Chef Steven Cho started in sports marketing representing PGA star KJ Choi, but quickly realized that the culinary world was where he needed to be. In 2015 he made the jump and attended the International Culinary Center to get his degree. During his time at school, he immersed himself in the restaurant industry to learn the in’s and out’s and worked with Andrew Carmellini at The Dutch. After graduating he moved on to work with Jonathan Waxman for the opening of Jams, The Chef’s Club and Ichiba working alongside Chef Steve Ha, where he quickly learned the art of ramen making.


Chef Steve Ha

Chef Steve has been in the ramen making business throughout his entire life and fell in love with the dish as a child. After working at his family’s restaurant, he opened Seoul Ramen, a one-man operation pop-up in the middle of nowhere in Harlem that started off as a challenge but became a thriving business. From there he worked as the Head Chef at a number of beloved ramen establishments including TONCHIN and Ichiba, where he was able to curate the menu, infusing his Korean flavors and style into the dishes.

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